Hurricane Ophelia

Following Department of Education and Skills advice regarding Status Red wind warnings, the school will remain closed on Monday 16th October. School will reopen on Tuesday 17th October.

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Autumn Newsletter

Click here to download a pdf of our autumn newsletter.

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May 2017 Newsletter

Download our May 2017 Newsletter here.

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Villiers Sports Day by Jack (3rd class)

The senior room drove into Limerick to Villiers for a sports day on the bus with St. Nicholas and arrived at 10:30 17th May. The weather was okay going in, there was a shower or two. Our leaders were Pia and Charlotte and they were really, really nice. They showed us to the changing rooms and we saw the basketball court.

First we did fun games. The fun games were fun, we played Ultimate Piggy in the Middle, a game which we played with two other schools. There were two circles and a person in the middle. The person in the middle had to throw the ball to anyone on the out side and the people on the inside had to stop it. We also played ninja a game where you had to make a ninja pose and you had one move to try and touch the other person and the person had to try and dodge your hand. We played a hoola-hoop game where you had to hold the people beside you and you had to get the hoola-hoop to the other person. We also played a running game.

After fun games we played tag rugby and I (Jack Geoghegan) scored along with Braydan Gubbins,
Declan Breen and Ella Hurrell. Tag rugby was really fun and we met Adam (a past pupil) we also met Emma. We had four games, drew one and won three.

Orienteering was after tag rugby and we got to pick who we did orienteering with and Braydan picked me, we got a sheet each and Braydan got a map and I got a question sheet. We had to run around the school and answer questions.

After orienteering was lunch and it took place in the basketball court. Most people had two sandwiches but I had three sandwiches. There were bananas and bottles of water. We all drank half a bottle so we could do a bottle flip, I tried to do a bottle flip with it full and it was a success.

Soccer after lunch. No one scored or no team won. We did stay out in hail stones and it was really fun and refreshing.

We won basket ball and it was fun like all the rest of the sport. It was not like normal basketball it was a basketball that one person had to stand on a bench and you had to get the ball to that player and stop the other person from get the ball and scoring on their side.

At the end we had to go to the basketball court for the winning announcement. All the schools had to sit and we also had to listen and after that really fun day we came 2nd.


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Scratch Competition 2017

We’re delighted to congratulate one of our 5th class pupils, Declan, who’s Scratch project entitled, “Biodiversity”, has been selected as one of 30 finalists in this year’s competition. Declan will attend the final in UL on Wednesday 26th April where he will showcase his project to the judges. We congratulate him on getting to the finals and wish him well in the next step.

View Declan’s project by clicking here.

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Coffee Afternoon and Cake Sale

A big thank you to everyone who supported our cake sale and coffee afternoon. We raised over €360 for school funds.


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Ten at Ten

Pupils took part in Operation Transformation 10 at 10 on Friday 10th February by running laps of our playing field for 10 minutes. Well done to everyone!

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December Newsletter


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Villiers School Inter Primary Schools Sports Day

The pupils from 3rd to 6th class attended a wonderful sports day organised by the Transition Year students of Villiers School on Tuesday 24th May. They joined with the pupils from other primary schools from Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Galway and Offaly. The Transition Year students did a wonderful job in preparing for the day and even the sun shone down on us all. Sports included soccer, tag rugby, basketball, orienteering and fun games.

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Green School Code

Our pupils recently took part in a competition to compose our Green School Code. There were some wonderful codes.

Our overall winner – Aaron from Senior Infants – ” Be green, be clean, get with the scene, be part of the biodiversity team.”

Highly commended codes

Ella – 5th class –  “Mind biodiversity whether you’re in primary school or university. If you don’t take care, soon it won’t be there.” 

Sarah – Senior Infants – “Protect our nature night and day. Listen to the biodiversity way. This helps our world to make it good.”

Peter – 2nd Class – “The planet is falling apart, let’s work hard to make a new start.”

David – 1st class – “We must look after our trees and plant flowers for our honey bees. A little change will do to make the future better for me and for you. We only have one planet, we must look after it. So pick up your litter, don’t be a quitter. Biodiversity is the way to go.”

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